Your images, but better, and faster

We've worked on our underlying image processor so you can now upload any image even faster.

Even if your image is too large, some edge-case GIF, or a strange sRGB PNG, we've got you covered. This also solved a Pinterest posting issue.

All this image mumbo-jumbo to say: we welcome all your images, faster.

We're also working on the new post editor to make the whole experience even better and faster.

So if your image still ends up not looking good, it's not us...

giphy - friends humidity.gif

Updated Roadmap

In case you did not know (or even if you did), we have a public roadmap.

You can find it here:

As the social media (and marketing in general) space is a very dynamic one, we update our roadmap from time to time, based on the current changes and priorities.

SocialBee roadmap-2019-2.png

Not all the things we work on are public. But all are designed to help.

We do our best to innovate and stay ahead of our time, so we don't end up looking like these guys:

giphy friends oldschool.gif

New Menu and a Fresh Look

As supposed to our previous new features (workspaces & new post editor), this is mostly a cosmetic fix, but we think you’ll really like it.

It gives SocialBee a more modern look while also allowing us to add on all the new (top-level) features we have in the works for you.

1.1 Categories - All.png

With these changes, we've also incremented our internal version to v3.

Post Variations & A New Post Editor

The content is at the heart of social media. 💛

So we redesigned the post editor to give you more features, more possibilities, and more space to create your stunning content.

Also - you can now create multiple variations for the same post! 👯‍♀️

So when sharing a specific post multiple times (eg a new blog post or offer) you can vary it totally (text, images, links, etc) so that each time that post is shared, the next variation of the post is used.

1.9.1 Post Editor Edit.png

You’ll be able to repost your content while also keeping it fresh & exciting. 😎

With the new post editor you can:

  • Create post variations
  • Edit in full screen so you have more space to be creative
  • See the post preview for each network in real-time
  • Select if you want to add the post to the top or the bottom of the queue
  • Add the post as not-approved from the get-go, if you want

Plus some other cool features are coming soon to the post editor:

  • Setting the post (rather than the category) as share once vs evergreen re-post
  • An emoji keyboard directly in the editor
  • And more ;-)

SocialBee Workspaces

If you have multiple brands, or if you're a freelancer or agency with multiple customers, you can now keep everything separate through workspaces.

Multiple workspaces are available on the Pro accounts (Pro25 and above).

0.2 Workspaces - Selector Top Only.png

Just use the Workspace selector to Switch or Create a Workspace.

Then you can edit its settings or delete it under Workspace settings.

9.5 Workspace Settings.png

Next up: we're working on also adding roles and users so you can get even more value out of your new workspaces.

SocialBee and Quuu integration

Ever since we started SocialBee we knew the importance of having good quality 3rd party content shared in between your own content. That’s why the content curation was one of our first concierge services.

It’s a key part of the jabs (value) you give before you go in for the right hook (ask) - as per Gary Vaynerchuk’s Jab, jab, jab, right hook strategy. 🥊

giphy gary love.gif

Content curation helps you stand out on social media, but it’s a time-consuming process.

If you want curated content that is fully tailored to you, our content curation concierge service is still one of the best ways to get that and not waste any time on it.

But if you’re looking for top quality content in over 500 categories, we’ve got good news for youuu!

SocialBee and Quuu are delighted to announce an integration! 🎉


You can Sign Up to Quuu For Free here.

And see How to use the Quuu Integration here:

Happy quuurating!

(More) Analytics and Reports

Since we've released the v1 of our Content Analytics we knew we wanted to keep improving and expanding them. 💪

How else would you be able to analyze your content to know how you doin'?

giphy how you doin.gif

This is the first step in giving you an even better overview of your socials.

And to show our commitment, we've even added a menu for the Analytics.

Monosnap 2019-06-07 11-58-20.png

Depending on the social profile type, we can show you different metrics, but you'll find that the new Analytics Dashboard is not only for Twitter accounts anymore.

We give you your Audience Status (page likes/followers) and Activity Status (total number of posts) evolution numbers for all the major social networks.

We also show you your top 3 posts for the selected period. 🔝 - Dashboard - 2019-06-07 11-33-27.png

But wait, there's more! 😎

In order for you to get all this valuable information with no effort, you can get a Weekly Analytics Report via email.

SocialBee Weekly Analytics Report.png

You can enable or disable this notification in your settings.

Settings - 2019-06-07 11-33-58.png

... and this is only the beginning (ok, actually it's the 2nd step).

We have more cool and useful analytics features in the works so you can get even more insight on your social profiles. 🤓

SMS Concierge Service - Price Change

Are your social media profiles growing to be the “neglected child” of your business?

Do you dread creating posts for your social media profiles? 😫

Would you rather spend more time on other parts of your (or your customers’) business?

giphy dread friends.gif

This is exactly what our Social Media Specialist (SMS) Concierge Service is for. 💪

It gives you your own Social Media Bee 🐝 (don’t let the name fool you, we did not manage to train bees yet - this is a real human being) who will create & schedule a daily post for you (and only you) to share on your social profiles.

They create and execute a posting strategy which is in line with your brand and your needs, so you won’t have to worry about your socials anymore.

From promotional posts to custom image quotes; from curated content to timely events; we’ve got you covered. 😎

Find out more 👉

You’ll bee a Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn/Google My Business/ Pinterest Superstar and Betty White will be able to follow you everywhere! 🤩

giphy betty white.gif

As soon as we’ve introduced the Social Media Specialist service (over half a year ago) it quickly became our most sold concierge service (see them all here). Because it solves a clear need. The need for having your social media profiles taken care of so that you can focus on your business.

Since then, we’ve invested a lot in improving our internal training and processes to increase the quality of this service. Among others, we’ve hired a social media coach and run weekly team-wide knowledge transfer sessions to keep leveling up the quality of the posts we create for you.

This also meant that our already thin margins got eroded even more, and so we now need to increase the price of the SMS service from $99/Mo to $129/Mo (and the SMS Plus from $189/Mo to $249/Mo).

Still a steal. 🤗

If you want to take advantage of the $99/Mo price for a bit longer, make sure you buy the service until the end of May, or email to switch to a yearly plan for an even better price.

No more Twitter Engage @Mentions

As you might have seen, Twitter is really committed to improving their platform, which I'm sure that will be a net positive in the long run. ☝️

But for now, this means that we also need to stop our Twitter Engage functionality.

ross friends big eyes giphy.gif

We've already started working on our Community Management module which will work across all the major networks and will replace (and enhance) the previous Engage module - while being inline with Twitter’s (and the other social networks') rules.

So keep an eye out for exciting new features over the coming weeks. 👀

No more Twitter Growth.

As you've probably also seen in the past, Twitter is working hard to fight the spam 🥊 that exists on their platform - an initiative that we salute.

And follower churn (massive, indiscriminate following & unfollowing with the goal to be followed back) is one of the main ones.

Recently, we've proactively decreased the limits of how many people you can follow from within SocialBee.

All large similar services have stopped this functionality, and Twitter also decreased the number of follows you can do directly on their website.

The writing was on the wall.

So today, we're stopping the Twitter Growth entirely.

We're replacing the Growth section with the Audience section where you'll still be able to find relevant people to follow, but you won't be able to follow them from SocialBee directly.

twitter open new tab.png

You will be able to open their Twitter profile in a new window, where, if you still find it's a profile you'd like to follow, you can do so.

Actually, we didn't work almost at all on the Twitter Growth part of our app for over two years now, as we've been improving the Content Posting part, that we feel is everlasting and at the core of any good social media strategy. We've also been adding more and more services linked to content creation and engagement.

Plus, we have some cool new community management features and services in the works. 😉

So stay tuned.

No published changelogs yet.

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