Our website has got a fresh look!

We want you to have a good experience while you visit our website - so we came up with an intuitive and interactive design.

That’s why we decided that it is time for a “makeover”. 🎉


It’s still work in progress, but we’d love it if you could check it out and let us know what you think.

See our brand new website here: https://socialbee.io/.

We're ready for the big reveal!

rachel green.gif

We're launching SocialBee University! 🎓

We've got some great news coming your way! We've heard how you want to become a better social media marketer and make sure your social media game is on point! That's why we're launching SocialBee University!

SBU is the perfect (virtual) place for us to share all of our knowledge starting the 7th of April, 2020 and we’d love to have you on board.** 💛

Why should you join SocialBee University?

  • You’ll get access to 8 learning modules, tools, resources, 1-on-1 coaching sessions, Facebook Community and more

  • You will be able to learn from 4 of our best specialists

  • Working together (even from home) for a common goal is a lot more fun than working alone 😎

Learn more about SocialBee University here: https://socialbee.io/university/.

If you’d like a Free Sneak Preview on the online SocialBee University, join us on the 31st of March for our Live Webinar, where you can find out even more about the courses.

Now pull up a chair and let the learning begin!


For when you just need to hit Pause ⏸ ...You can now pause categories.

You know when something happens and you need to pause your regular routine to fit that into your schedule? We've now made it easier for you to do so, by pausing scheduled categories.

Take the situation we're currently in, for example. Some of your promotional posts or curated content might not be suitable for social media right now.

You can now pause a scheduled category until you're ready to share from it again, without removing it from your schedule

pause categories .png

To pause a category, go to your Categories and click on the toggle on the right side of each one

And hey, if anyone asks you why you paused it, you can always say like Ross:

on a break.gif

Typos are not a "probelm" anymore with Grammarly!

Here at SocialBee, we're constantly trying to bring you new features and functionalities that will make your life easier…and now, typo-free!

Grammarly is now available with SocialBee.

So now, if you have the Grammarly extension installed, you'll be able to write your posts without mistakes.

Any typo or grammar mistake that you may add to your posts will be caught in due time, and you'll even have suggestions on how to correct it


Now, you don't have to go around explaining the difference between you're and your, like Ross…


💬 Post Comments are here!

Collaborating with your team members just got 100% easier as we introduce Post Comments.

This feature is available to anyone with a PRO membership or a Concierge Service (Content Curation or Social Media Specialist).

Using Post Comments, you can now feedback faster on any post so that edits are made in an effective manner.

Post Comments.png

To add a comment, go to the posts you want to review (since these are usually not approved, the easiest way is to view them from the Content Approval tab, but you can also add comments to your posts from your categories or even from the View Your Next Posts tab.

Find out more on how you can use the Post Comments feature from here: https://help.socialbee.io/article/176-how-to-add-comments-to-your-posts

In the future, you'll also be able to get notified when new comments are added. This way, you'll be on top of things super fast.

Now, whether you use this feature for actionable advice or sarcastic comments, that's on you 😉

chandler comment.gif

Select all the profiles you need!

Time is a precious resource. So we're making things easier for you to post to all your profiles at once. Now, you have the option to select all your profiles from the workspace when creating/editing a post or scheduling a new posting time.

Select all of your profiles from one workspace with ease or remove them all at once to start from scratch with a select few.

SocialBee.io 2019-12-16 21-02-23.png

So where can you find this new feature? Look above the list of your connected profiles, whenever you:

Now go ahead and enjoy creating your posts like Joey enjoys all these dishes in front of him at once!


#SaveMoreTime with Hashtag Collections

Typing each hashtag on every post is a thing of the past. You can now save even more time, by saving your most used hashtags into collections, directly in your SocialBee account.


Use your hashtag collections to save groups of hashtags either by category, social profile or social platform. You can then use these collections in your posts.

add hashtag collection.gif

You can read more on how the hashtag collections work, by visiting our help section, here: https://help.socialbee.io/article/156-how-to-use-hashtag-collections

Now we've made it easier for you to save more time and get your social media strategy on point.


Add more text to your imported content

Importing content in different ways (RSS, Pocket, or bulk importing) can simplify your work and save a lot of time when adding content to your SocialBee account.

All that is nice, but do you know what's nicer? Being able to add your own text to all of these imported posts.

Now you can do just that, as we've improved the "Append Text" feature in all of the importing tools to allow you to add your text in full.

RSS - SocialBee.io 2019-12-02 16-07-46.png

Up until now you were able to add up to 50 characters to your imported posts (where, by default, the caption is the title of the page/article/link), but now, you can tell the full story, as long as you're within each platform's limit:

  • Twitter: 280 characters
  • Pinterest: 500 characters
  • LinkedIn: 1300 characters
  • Google My Business: 1500 characters
  • Instagram: 2200 characters
  • Facebook: 5000 characters

And if your appended text and title are larger than the maximum character limit for a particular platform (like Twitter) we'll first trim the title, to make your appended text fit.

In a nutshell, you'll be able to share content from other sources and automatically add your own twist to each post :) Just like having a cake and eating it too!


We’ve Revamped our Onboarding Wizard! 🧙‍♂️

Setting up your SocialBee account (or even just a new workspace) became a lot easier, as we’ve redesigned the onboarding experience.

The new wizard will take you through all the steps of setting up a new workspace, from connecting profiles to setting up your schedule, and even adding posts. All that while providing help in the form of videos for each step along the way.

You can even skip the onboarding if you feel like you don’t need it, but keep in mind that you can resume it at any time if you want to, from your Profiles& Settings Menu

onb wiz 2 .gif

(BTW, you can also go through this onboarding to set up new profiles on your existing workspaces as well.)

We hope this new look will help you get a better grip on setting up your SocialBee account.

It looks good, doesn’t it?

giphy (1).gif

The SocialBee Mobile Reminders Companion App is out of Beta! 🐝📱

We're stoked to announce that our mobile reminders companion app is finally out of beta! Anyone can download our app for IOS and Android.

Using the SocialBee Mobile Reminders Companion App you will be able to:

  • Post to Instagram natively, via mobile reminders
  • Post to Facebook Personal profiles, via mobile reminders
  • Publish to Instagram and Facebook profiles that are connected to different workspaces.

Download our app from here:

  1. iOS - Install it here: Socialbee.io/ios
  2. Android - Install it here: Socialbee.io/android

You can read more on how you can use our mobile app from our help documentation

For now, you're only able to use the app to post to Instagram and Facebook profiles, but in the future, we'll be working on adding more features to it, so you'll be able to edit and post on the go.

Now all that's left is for you to start creating those awesome posts and publish them!