Carousel posts are here 🎠

HearBee, HearBee! The long wait is over. The anticipation is high. Ok, enough with the Circus talk. 🤡

Carousel posts are now available in SocialBee.

More specifically, here’s what you can do in SocialBee, with multiple pictures:

👉 You can now post up to 9 images on Facebook & Linkedin, natively through SocialBee

👉 You can now post up to 9 (carousel) on Instagram using reminders

👉 You can now post up to 6 on Facebook Personal Profiles using reminders

👉 You can now also select multiple images at once

All this to ensure you’re having fun while creating your posts in SocialBee.

Mobile carousel .png

To be able to do this, make sure you update your mobile app from the Appstore or Google Play respectively.

And if you run into any issues with it, feel free to reach out at

Updates on the Mobile App 📱

Some new updates just made their way into the hive’s Mobile App!

Make sure you keep your SocialBee Companion app up to date, to ensure the best use.

What’s buzzing?

  • The long-awaited release is here! Carousel posts have made their way to the SocialBee mobile app. We know it’s been a while, but better late than never…
  • Sound ON! Notifications for iOS devices now come with a familiar ring. And no, not the one Beyoncé would want to put on it.
  • Do you ever zone out completely, trying to remember if you’re logged into the account you want to post to or not? Well, SocialBee now makes you check twice that you are. Better safe than sorry.
  • Planning is everything, especially when you have a lot of profiles to handle. Are you posting an image? A video? Some links? Your posts are now labeled accordingly.

Bugs beegone!

  • Speaking of staying organized, notifications will now tell you which profile you’re sharing your content to. We’re no longer playing a guessing game here.
  • We have stopped nicknaming all your profiles as “null”. Instead, your handle should appear on screen. It’s all fun and games until we have to start remembering all these names…
  • Ready to post, but forgot for which profile? No worries, we’ve got you covered! You can now see which account you’ve selected to post to from your reminder screen.

If you don’t have our App just yet, you can get it from here:

👉 IOS:

👉 Android:

If you need more information on using the SocialBee Mobile App, you can find out more information about it from our help documentation:

You can now post to Instagram directly, through our Zapier Integration.

There are a lot of things you can do with our Zapier integration. But did you know that you can use it to publish directly to Instagram?

In light of the recent changes over at Buffer, you won't be able to publish to Instagram directly, using our Buffer integration, unless you have a paid Buffer account.

But don't worry, we're here to offer an alternative for you - Zapier. You can use your Zapier account to publish to Instagram directly.

To get started with using our Zapier Integration for Instagram, you can read our help documentation here 👉

Switching your Posting Setup to Zapier in SocialBee

To switch between posting via reminders (or any of our other integrations) and start posting via Zapier, all you have to do is go to your SocialBee Dashboard and click on "Posting Setup", once your Zapier account is connected to SocialBee.


Creating the Zap to post to Instagram directly

Our Zapier integration allows you to create zaps directly in SocialBee so that you don't need to navigate elsewhere to set this up.


Once everything is set up, you can sit back and relax, while SocialBee and Zapier do the posting for you.

giphy (1).gif

Changes to Instagram Direct publishing through Buffer

As you may know, Buffer has announced that their API will no longer support their free tier, starting September 8th. Here's what this means for you:

👉 You will not be able to publish to Instagram Directly, through SocialBee's Buffer integration, if you're on their free plan.

👉 You will not be able to publish to any other profile that you currently have connected to SocialBee through Buffer, on a free plan.

👉 You will not be affected if you have a paid plan with Buffer.

But no worries, we've got a solution for this! You can use our Zapier integration! 🎉

To continue posting to Instagram directly, without Buffer, you can use our new Zapier integration:

Otherwise, you can publish to Instagram via reminders, by using our Mobile Companion App. You can see how to do that, here:

Change your profile's image in SocialBee

When you have multiple profiles for the same brand it can be difficult to differentiate between them based on a single icon. This is especially true in situations where you have the same profile picture on all your profiles.

We're here to help a bit with that, at least when you're publishing through SocialBee, as you can now change the profile's image in SocialBee without affecting the image you have on your actual profile


You can read more about how to change the image for one of your profiles, from our Help Documentation:

👉 How Do I Change the Icon of My Profile?

The good news is that now you won't have to react like Joey, every time you realize you clicked on the wrong profile for that one post.


Changing your default workspace? One button away!

Working with a lot of clients means that your priorities change aaall the time! So, having the flexibility to change your default workspace with one click can be life-saving.

Now it's easier than ever, you can switch with the click of a button. All you have to do is go to your Workspace Settings and click on the "Change workspace to default" button. Nothing more than that. 😊

No more saying the wrong name! 😳 Oops, sorry, I meant picking the wrong workspace!


You can now share videos and GIFs on LinkedIn!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine a video/GIF’s worth.

💛 Priceless. That’s why…

You can now share both videos and GIFs on LinkedIn with SocialBee!

Buh-bye static images, hello animated posts! 👋

You’ll be able to post on LinkedIn:

  • MP4 Video files through our SocialBee Mobile App (via reminders),
  • GIF files through our SocialBee Mobile App (via reminders),
  • MP4 Video files through SocialBee natively (generated as link preview).

And fully native integrations are coming soon.

You probably waited for this feature just as much as Monica waited for this puppy toy to move. 😄

The wait is over: it’s time you enjoy limitless posting on LinkedIn!


Generate More Leads with our New LinkedIn Lead Generation Service!

We know how important it is to get good leads for your business. So we've put in the effort and developed a service that's meant to help you do just that. Meet our newest concierge service: Linked In Lead Generation.

li gen.png

You'll notice there are 3 options available when it comes to this service:

🐝 LinkedIn Lead Generation Light - $99/Mo

🐝 LinkedIn Lead Generation - $199/Mo

🐝 LinkedIn Lead Generation Plus -$249/Mo

You can learn more about these new services and what they include, here:

But what happened to our old LinkedIn Services?

They were revised, improved, and transformed into what you now know as LinkedIn Lead Generation.

As with all our services, you can test them risk-free, since you get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you're not seeing results.

Now you don't have to rely on Chandler to generate leads for you:


Speeding up performance in our app

With growth comes great responsibility. Okay, that's not exactly how the saying goes, but hear us out. We've grown quite a bit since we started and each new user meant a bigger strain on our servers.

We've now improved our performance speed in the app to accommodate every action you take in SocialBee.

You'll especially be able to notice improvements in the following areas:

  • Getting an email when there are no more posts in the category for that social profile
  • Resetting category items for an account in an evergreen category
  • Category Items Listing
  • Shuffling Category Items
  • Reversing Category Items
  • Categories Listing
  • Dashboard
  • Bulk Editor Listing

Now put your seatbelt on and enjoy the ride, unlike Ross, when Phoebe was driving.


You can now pause RSS Feeds.

RSS feeds can get cluttered when nobody takes care of them. And nobody likes clutter, right?

To avoid it happening to your SocialBee account, we've added a new feature where your RSS Configurations can be paused if you need them to be or get paused automatically if there are 3 consecutive failed attempts of retrieving content.

If you've decided you want to pause one or multiple of your RSS feeds, go to your RSS tab in your SocialBee Account and click "Pause RSS".

rss not paused.png

If our platform fails to gather data after 3 consecutive tries, your RSS feed will be paused automatically.

Some common causes why your RSS feed could fail are:

👉 The website is down;
👉 The website suddenly has some issues with their RSS;
👉 The RSS feed no longer exists;
👉 The website no longer exists;
👉 The RSS link has been changed.

If you know that the issue has been fixed, you can activate it from your RSS Feeds menu by clicking "Resume RSS".

RSS Feed.png

You can read more on this in our help documentation:

Whenever a feed is paused, you will be notified via email of this, so you can decide what to do next. If you want to start it back up, you can just resume it.

And if you want to take a break from it… you can do that as well.