The SocialBee Mobile Reminders Companion App is out of Beta! 🐝📱

We're stoked to announce that our mobile reminders companion app is finally out of beta! Anyone can download our app for IOS and Android.

Using the SocialBee Mobile Reminders Companion App you will be able to:

  • Post to Instagram natively, via mobile reminders
  • Post to Facebook Personal profiles, via mobile reminders
  • Publish to Instagram and Facebook profiles that are connected to different workspaces.

Download our app from here:

  1. iOS - Install it here:
  2. Android - Install it here:

You can read more on how you can use our mobile app from our help documentation

For now, you're only able to use the app to post to Instagram and Facebook profiles, but in the future, we'll be working on adding more features to it, so you'll be able to edit and post on the go.

Now all that's left is for you to start creating those awesome posts and publish them!


Speeding up performance

We've been hard at work creating new features, but in the meantime, SocialBee is not slowing down. In fact, it's getting faster.

Our tech team has improved the overall performance of the SocialBee app, so now you should be able to work on your Social Media Strategy better.

Here are a few areas where you should see improvements:

  • listing category items
  • listing content approval
  • listing view your nest posts (list NOT calendar)
  • listing post history
  • editing posts
  • preview posts
  • workspace profiles listing

So now, everything should be running faster!

running phoebe.gif

Performance improvements will happen on a regular basis to ensure that everyone in our hive has a sweet user experience.

RocketLink Integration is here! 🚀🔗

When you want to get the best out of your social media links, you need a powerful URL Shortener. That's why we're over the moon (pun intended) to say that RocketLink is now integrated with SocialBee.

You can now connect RocketLink to your SocialBee account workspaces and make your links super powerful.

rocketlink1 .png

RocketLink can help you get the most out of your links with retargeting scripts, CTA buttons and more.

To see how you can set up RocketLink, go here:

And if you want to learn more about what RocketLink can do, visit their website:

Are you just as excited as we are?

JotURL Integration is here! 🔗

We're really excited to announce our newest integration, JotURL. We're buzzing with joy that it's finally here!

You can now connect JotURL to your SocialBee workspaces and make the most of your links.


Use JotURL to track your links, add retargeting scripts or CTAs to make the most out of your social media links.

Read more on how to set up JotURL here:

And if you want to learn more about JotURL, you can do so at

We've still got some shortlinked Aces up our sleeve, so if your preferred shortlink provider is not here yet, keep an eye out for the news. 😉

giphy (1).gif

Buzz up your posts with emoji! 😎

Social Media works best when you can convey your message with emoji. Up until now, you'd need to copy and paste emoji from outside sources to be able to add them to the posts created with SocialBee, but not anymore 😎

Our Emoji plugin is here!


When creating a new post (or editing an existing one) you can now click on the emoji plugin to open up a list of emoji you can use.

Now guess who can take the social media posts to the next level?


New Replug Integration! 🔗

You asked for more Link Shortening options in SocialBee and we listened.

You can now connect Replug directly to SocialBee so that you can integrate it into your Social Media Strategy quicker and easier.

Replug 2.png

Use Replug to set up specific campaigns and redirect your audience to your website to generate traffic and more leads.

Find out more on how you can set up Replug here:

To learn more about Replug just go to

And because more friends are always better, Replug is just one of the newest Link Shortening options coming to SocialBee, so keep your eyes open for new integrations coming to SocialBee in the near future 😉

friends gif.gif

Users & Roles are Here!

If you're on one of our Pro Plans, boy we have great news for you! 🎉

After releasing Workspaces a few weeks ago we've now finished the next phase of the agency plans features: Users & Roles.

Now you can invite multiple (3 for Pro25, and 5 for the higher Pro plans) users to your workspace and assign them different roles. You can also mark users as customers - and give them any role you want.

Workspace Users - 2019-09-05 11-20-29.png

You can find out more about users & roles here.

So now, you can invite your colleagues, virtual assistants, and even customers to work together with you in specific Workspaces.

You don't need to wear all the hats anymore. Or all the clothes...

giphy joey all clothes.gif

Plus, we've made it easy for you to move your profiles between your workspaces.

Next up - agency features. Like internal commenting and extended reports.

Profile Migration Between Workspaces

Now that all Pro accounts have Multiple Workspaces, you might want to re-organize your account by moving some profiles (probably belonging to the same business or same client) from one workspace to another.

We've made it so that this is easy to do.

Social Profiles - 2019-09-05 17-44-14.png

See how to migrate your profiles here:

So now you don't need to call a friend to help you move (your profiles).

giphy friends pivot.gif

Your images, but better, and faster

We've worked on our underlying image processor so you can now upload any image even faster.

Even if your image is too large, some edge-case GIF, or a strange sRGB PNG, we've got you covered. This also solved a Pinterest posting issue.

All this image mumbo-jumbo to say: we welcome all your images, faster.

We're also working on the new post editor to make the whole experience even better and faster.

So if your image still ends up not looking good, it's not us...

giphy - friends humidity.gif

Updated Roadmap

In case you did not know (or even if you did), we have a public roadmap.

You can find it here:

As the social media (and marketing in general) space is a very dynamic one, we update our roadmap from time to time, based on the current changes and priorities.

SocialBee roadmap-2019-2.png

Not all the things we work on are public. But all are designed to help.

We do our best to innovate and stay ahead of our time, so we don't end up looking like these guys:

giphy friends oldschool.gif