SocialBee changelog
SocialBee changelog

Switch Between 12-hour and 24-hour Formatting




What's your preferred way of displaying the time: in AM/PM or 24-hours? πŸ•° It doesn't even matter, because SocialBee now supports both of them! 🀩

How do you make this switch? Three easy steps:
1️⃣ Go to your Account Settings
2️⃣ Scroll down
3️⃣ Find this setting: I want the time to be formatted in an AM/PM style instead of 24-hour style.


Anything else? Not really! Once you've done that, you're all set. 🏁 You won't have to yell in the middle of the night at your alarm because you've set the wrong hour… πŸ˜‚


In-depth Instagram Analytics




Get information about your Instagram performance – for your posts and for your profile – directly from SocialBee. All you have to do is go to our Analytics menu and select the profile you want to take a look at for insights. πŸ‘€

See all the details and information on how you can see your Instagram Business Analytics here:
πŸ“ Instagram Business Profile Analytics

Sooo… have you checked them yet? πŸ€”


MOV Files Are Supported Now




You've asked and we delivered! πŸ“§ SocialBee now also supports MOV files for everyone who uses Apple products or prefers this extension for their video files. 🎞

The steps stay the same as they always have been:
πŸ‘‰ Go to SocialBee
πŸ‘‰ Create a new post
πŸ‘‰ Add your video to the post editor
πŸ‘‰ Click save

… aaand, you're all set! 🀩 Refresh your memory on all our media file limitations by clicking here.

We are this πŸ‘‡ happy to implement these changes for you!


Take a Look at Your TikTok Analytics




TikTok can be an important platform for small businesses, as anything can go viral on this platform! But… what's the best content for this? πŸ€”

We don't have a recipe for it πŸ₯˜, but we do have your profile analytics for a good look into what worked and what didn't! πŸ“Š

So, head over to your analytics and get to work! You never know when you might hit the jackpot! 🀩


Check out our full article here and do a happy dance to celebrate this upgrade:
πŸ“ TikTok Profile Analytics


Carousels Can Be Shared Directly






Sharing content should be easy, peasy, lemon squeezy πŸ‹ and we are always looking for ways to reduce steps. This week's improvements focused on carousel posts. 🎠

Posting via Reminders is no longer necessary as they can now be shared directly for Instagram Business Profiles! πŸ™Œ

So what do you have to do? Basically, just create the post! πŸ’ͺ See all the steps here:
πŸ“ Can I Create Carousel Posts for Instagram?

So, set your phones away and get ready to drop at least two minutes off your daily screen time! πŸ“‰πŸ“±


Brand New Facebook Analytics




You've been asking, and we've delivered! Meet our brand new Facebook Page Analytics: πŸ‘‡


They're just as strong as your Facebook Insights, but it meets your customized SocialBee posting habits and categories! πŸπŸ’™ We would say it's the best of both worlds!

You can see your page analytics (and demographics), posts analytics, and insights into your content. Not gonna lie, you have to see it to believe it!

Check out our help documentation or go straight to your analytics page!

We're already doing our happy dance, but we want to hear from you! πŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί Were you excited for this?


Move your posts in bulk between categories




Have you ever wanted to move a looot of posts from one category, to another but couldn't? The long, hard at work days are over!

In SocialBee, you can use our Bulk Editor tool to move posts from one category to another within seconds (or… minutes… it depends on how many posts you're moving… 🀫).

Don't believe us? Try it for yourself!
πŸ“ How Do I Edit Posts in Bulk?


It's sooo easy! And lastly, this is what we're saying to all the customers who suggested this: πŸ‘‡


LinkedIn gets a major upgrade πŸ“ˆ




LinkedIn is the ideal place to be in when you try to meet professionals in the same area as you. And what's the best way to get your message across? πŸ€”

… well, video of course! 😌

SocialBee has upgraded its video-sharing capabilities, and all our users can now enjoy:
🐝 A faster, better, smoother upload process.
🐝 Fewer errors, but especially the pesky your media file could not be uploaded one.

πŸ₯ … saving best for last… πŸ₯

🐝 Videos can be shared natively to LinkedIn Personal Profiles! Yes, at long last, it has happened! Say goodbye to those weird link previews… πŸ‘‹

You don't want to know how many videos we shared now just because we can!


Even more SocialBee bugs we're leaving behind… πŸ‘€


Weekly Fixes


Doesn't everyone start cleaning up at the beginning of the year, to make sure they have everything they need to get down to big tasks in time, with everything they need? πŸ€”

Because, well, that's exactly what we just did! 🀩 Here are our latest fixes:

🏒 Many, many "under the hood" improvements for our Concierge Services;
β›΄ With less steps, you can say 1-2-3 and you're onboarded with SocialBee;
πŸ—“ An updated and refreshed generated schedule has been added;
πŸ“ Preset categories have brand new, refreshed descriptions;
πŸ“Œ A Pinterest bug where boards didn't show up has been fixed;
πŸ—Ί Some Instagram Location fine-tuning to avoid some confusing error messages;
πŸŽ₯ Speaking of Instagram, videos longer than 60 seconds can now be uploaded (and shared via Reminders);
πŸ₯³ Our Partners page has a refreshed look!

This is our team's celebratory dance, now that we've solved all these pending issues: πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ


SocialBee bugs we're leaving in 2021 πŸ‘‹


Weekly Fixes


The holidays are an exhausting time, but for a company… planning for a new year is even more work! πŸ—“ While we're still fine-tuning our plans for 2022, here are some issues we're leaving in 2021:

πŸ–€ The TikTok button no longer loses the text when clicking;
πŸ—“ SocialBee now remembers you've generated a schedule during the onboarding (and displays it too!);
πŸ“ Intakes filled in for one-time services are now labeled correctly as completed;
πŸ”ƒ Disconnected and reconnected profiles no longer mysteriously glitch out;
⚑️ Our integrations with Zapier and Rebrandly have been upgraded;
🀷 The onboarding wizard no longer shows useless multiple scrollbars;
πŸ“± If a profile posts via Reminders, the user connecting it is (by default) selected to receive notifications;
🏷 Tag, you're it! Facebook Pages can tag each other (again!)

Whew! That was a lot… πŸ₯³ We are just celebrating aaall this progress!

P.S.: This is exactly how our developers sleep, after this week's deploy: πŸ‘‡