RSS should stand for Redesign, Simplify, Speed

In order to improve, we must change… Or was it the other way around? 🤔 All we know is that our developers have been working day and night to get this better, more powerful version of our RSS feature out.

Here's what changed:

🔎 We have a new popup and boy! it's pretty;

🔮 We're using a crystal ball RSS Previews to see how your posts will look published;

🏃‍♂️ We've increased the speed and got rid of some bugs to improve our performance.

Check out the new look below: 👇

create rss.gif

Think you've forgotten how to create an RSS Feed in SocialBee? Check out our help article for all the steps and details:

📝 How Do I Add RSS Feeds?

Curious like a cat? 🐈 Stop asking "What's that?!" and start using this powerful feature to get content from your favorite websites to your SocialBee categories, and straight to your social media! 📱


Manage your RSS feeds like a PRO

The ability to import posts from RSS feeds is one of our most used features. So now, we've made it even more powerful.

Here are some of the sweet things we've added:

🐝 RSS top/bottom queue 👉 You can now choose if you want to import your feeds to the top of your queue or to the bottom.

🐝 Deleting an RSS/Pocket now also offers the possibility to delete previously imported posts from your category

🐝 When adding/taking out social accounts from an RSS/Pocket, you now have the option to apply those posts to social accounts

🐝 There's a New import number functionality (1, 10, 100 or how many items the RSS has if lower than 100), which means you will be able to import more than 10 posts from a new feed you add to SocialBee

You can learn more about how yo use these features in our help documentation:

Are you as excited about these features as Joey is, doing his happy dance?

giphy (1).gif

Level up your RSS content, based on your plan

You may have noticed there are a few changes happening in the RSS Feature in your SocialBee account.

RSS configuration now has different content options, based on the platform plan you're currently on.

What does this mean? Based on your license, you may have a few more options available to customize your posts imported through RSS.

If you're on an Accelerate or PRO Plan, you will be able to select between different options of text for your post. (2).gif

You can read more info about our RSS feature in our help documentation:

So now you don't have to guess what the text is going to be, unlike Joey…


Drag it, drop it, pop it, lock it! 📆

You've asked and we've taken our honey-sweet time to deliver. 🤭

What's going on? 🤔 We've recently changed the way you can schedule your categories and maybe those of you who have an inner detective noticed this… 🕵️‍♂️

What's that, you might ask? 👀 Categories can now be dragged and dropped as you need in your Calendar View for extra tweaking and customizing! 🤩

So, to quote Phoebe, finally the change is here! We love it so much, we've been dragging and dropping the categories around all day.


Scheduling just got a face lift!

We're all trying to look our best for the upcoming holiday season, which is why we've decided to give our scheduling menu a face-lift!

We said goodbye to clutter, menus left and right, and an overwhelming amount of information. You can now access the Schedule Setup from the left side menu, and it comes with the following improvements

  • Switching between Compact View or Calendar View
  • Filters for which categories and filters you see
  • Drag and drop categories in Calendar View
  • Statistics are now available in both view types


Check out our help articles below to learn more about how they work now:

📝 How can I set up my Posting Schedule - via Calendar View?

📝 How can I set up my Posting Schedule - via Compact View?

We're excited to say yes 🤩 to all changes to come, and we're putting our best faces on to start the new year. 🌟

So, once you're done scheduling your categories, just grab a friend and relax! We hear face masks can do wonders for a difficult week! 🤭💆‍♀️


RSS Feeds no longer give up so quickly

Our tech team has felt really inspired by the timeless classic by Rick Astley, Never Gonna Give You Up 🎶 and decided to take the same kind of attitude with our RSS feeds.

What does this mean? 🤔 Besides keeping our optimism up and categories filled with content, they've also changed what happens before an RSS feed should be paused. We went from going on a "break" (get it? 😂) after 3 hours, to 3 days! The websites you've handpicked for this will have more time to make changes to their feeds now.

Going forward the steps we'll take are:

🕵🏻‍♀️ We try to perform hourly sync;

⚠️ If the RSS failed, we wait 60 more minutes and try again;

🛑 If the RSS failed a second time, we wait 72 hours and try again.

So put on your best playlist, find yourself a partner, and get in sync with us!


P.S.: Think you could "loan" us some of your favorite playlists? 🎵🎧

Engage for Twitter enters in private Beta

How many times have you thought about how easy it would be if you could monitor and respond to comments and posts directly in SocialBee?

Well… pop open some champaign because you will soon be able to do just that!

engage on mac.png

We've launched a private BETA version of our new Engaged feature. But before you jump too high, here's what you need to know:

👉 This beta testing is only available for Twitter only, for the time being (other platforms will follow in the future).

👉 Since it's a closed beta testing scenario, you will need to request access to join.

To request acccess, you can just email us at with the following Subject line: Enable Engage Beta, or click here

👉 Once our team has checked that you're a good fit for our beta test, you'll get an email letting you know that this feature has been enabled.

And once you engage in conversation…. one could say:

giphy (1).gif

A new font made its way to SocialBee

You might have checked SocialBee today and thought to yourself:

"Hmm… Something's different"


That's because we've made a tiny change with a big impact.

SocialBee's font has changed from Helvetica to Open Sans, to create a friction-proof interaction accross all screens.

Plus, we think it's a little sleeker than the previous one, don't you think?

Carousel posts are here 🎠

HearBee, HearBee! The long wait is over. The anticipation is high. Ok, enough with the Circus talk. 🤡

Carousel posts are now available in SocialBee.

More specifically, here’s what you can do in SocialBee, with multiple pictures:

👉 You can now post up to 9 images on Facebook & Linkedin, natively through SocialBee

👉 You can now post up to 9 (carousel) on Instagram using reminders

👉 You can now post up to 6 on Facebook Personal Profiles using reminders

👉 You can now also select multiple images at once

All this to ensure you’re having fun while creating your posts in SocialBee.

Mobile carousel .png

To be able to do this, make sure you update your mobile app from the Appstore or Google Play respectively.

And if you run into any issues with it, feel free to reach out at

Updates on the Mobile App 📱

Some new updates just made their way into the hive’s Mobile App!

Make sure you keep your SocialBee Companion app up to date, to ensure the best use.

What’s buzzing?

  • The long-awaited release is here! Carousel posts have made their way to the SocialBee mobile app. We know it’s been a while, but better late than never…
  • Sound ON! Notifications for iOS devices now come with a familiar ring. And no, not the one Beyoncé would want to put on it.
  • Do you ever zone out completely, trying to remember if you’re logged into the account you want to post to or not? Well, SocialBee now makes you check twice that you are. Better safe than sorry.
  • Planning is everything, especially when you have a lot of profiles to handle. Are you posting an image? A video? Some links? Your posts are now labeled accordingly.

Bugs beegone!

  • Speaking of staying organized, notifications will now tell you which profile you’re sharing your content to. We’re no longer playing a guessing game here.
  • We have stopped nicknaming all your profiles as “null”. Instead, your handle should appear on screen. It’s all fun and games until we have to start remembering all these names…
  • Ready to post, but forgot for which profile? No worries, we’ve got you covered! You can now see which account you’ve selected to post to from your reminder screen.

If you don’t have our App just yet, you can get it from here:

👉 IOS:

👉 Android:

If you need more information on using the SocialBee Mobile App, you can find out more information about it from our help documentation: