SocialBee changelog
SocialBee changelog

(More) Analytics and Reports





Since we've released the v1 of our Content Analytics we knew we wanted to keep improving and expanding them. 💪

How else would you be able to analyze your content to know how you doin'?

giphy how you doin.gif

This is the first step in giving you an even better overview of your socials.

And to show our commitment, we've even added a menu for the Analytics.

Monosnap 2019-06-07 11-58-20.png

Depending on the social profile type, we can show you different metrics, but you'll find that the new Analytics Dashboard is not only for Twitter accounts anymore.

We give you your Audience Status (page likes/followers) and Activity Status (total number of posts) evolution numbers for all the major social networks.

We also show you your top 3 posts for the selected period. 🔝 - Dashboard - 2019-06-07 11-33-27.png

But wait, there's more! 😎

In order for you to get all this valuable information with no effort, you can get a Weekly Analytics Report via email.

SocialBee Weekly Analytics Report.png

You can enable or disable this notification in your settings.

Settings - 2019-06-07 11-33-58.png

... and this is only the beginning (ok, actually it's the 2nd step).

We have more cool and useful analytics features in the works so you can get even more insight on your social profiles. 🤓