SocialBee changelog
SocialBee changelog

Add a Location to Your Instagram Posts 🗺





Adding a location to your Instagram posts will help you reach the local community, tourists, and people who are in the area with little to no effort. Talk about making things easy! 🤩

For Instagram Business Profiles that share content via SocialBee directly, adding a location to your scheduled posts couldn't be simpler.

All you have to do is create a post, customize it for each profile, and then add your location. You can see all the steps here:
📝 How Do I Add a Location to Instagram?

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⚠️ IMPORTANT NOTE ⚠️ At the moment, the only locations you see will belong to Facebook Pages you manage. If you haven't set up the location of your page, you can see how to do that by clicking here.

And, just like Joey, we're ready to let the world know exactly where we are! 📌