Add more text to your imported content

Importing content in different ways (RSS, Pocket, or bulk importing) can simplify your work and save a lot of time when adding content to your SocialBee account.

All that is nice, but do you know what's nicer? Being able to add your own text to all of these imported posts.

Now you can do just that, as we've improved the "Append Text" feature in all of the importing tools to allow you to add your text in full.

RSS - 2019-12-02 16-07-46.png

Up until now you were able to add up to 50 characters to your imported posts (where, by default, the caption is the title of the page/article/link), but now, you can tell the full story, as long as you're within each platform's limit:

  • Twitter: 280 characters
  • Pinterest: 500 characters
  • LinkedIn: 1300 characters
  • Google My Business: 1500 characters
  • Instagram: 2200 characters
  • Facebook: 5000 characters

And if your appended text and title are larger than the maximum character limit for a particular platform (like Twitter) we'll first trim the title, to make your appended text fit.

In a nutshell, you'll be able to share content from other sources and automatically add your own twist to each post :) Just like having a cake and eating it too!