SocialBee changelog
SocialBee changelog

Big changes start with a small step 🚀




Perfection is unattainable – but we still try to get a bit better every day. Our CEO reminds us all: if you get 1% better every day, for a year, you will be up to 37 times better by the end! 🗓

And this summer surely passed quickly… 🏖☀️ So, here are all the small upgrades we worked on:
📋 Facebook and Instagram Personal Profiles are included in Weekly Analytics emails;
📖 TikTok captions can now be up to 300 characters long (aka twice as much);
✍️ Most of our licensing messages are clearer now – money's confusing business!
♻️ LinkedIn Profiles and Pages refresh tokes change yearly so you won't reconnect them as often;
📊 Our Analytics menu has dedicated links for profiles and tabs;
🏎 Many, many performance improvements that make SocialBee faster;
🧲 Our link magnet is friendlier to multiple alphabets;
🌀 Sync issues between SocialBee and TikTok have been solved;
📸 Images larger than 4096 pixels (or 3MB) now resize correctly;
💻 Some UI tweaks to make everything easier to understand.

Perhaps this is a successful month… perhaps