SocialBee changelog
SocialBee changelog

New Twitter Limits and Limitations





From the beginning, we started SocialBee with three main functionalities: Content, Grow, and Engage.

And even though we know that businesses need all of these functionalities to thrive, we also understand that SocialBee is a powerful tool, and...

With great power comes great responsibility. 💪

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Twitter recently suspended 🔗 tools which had similar (but much more aggressive) functionality to our Grow feature.

Our app was not affected, and we've always worked with Twitter to stay compliant with their Terms of Service.

We're being proactive in making Twitter a better place for all of us.

But no worries: these new limits won't affect 99% of you.

What does this mean? What will change?


New Grow Limits

One of the main use cases of Twitter is to find relevant accounts to follow and engage with.

As private individuals, we might want to find friends, relevant news and entertainment sources, or thought-provoking profiles.

As companies, we might want to find our competitors, influencers in our space, or prospective customers.

But this should be used for just that - finding relevant accounts you want to follow, and not in order to generate notification spam.

This is why we're limiting the Growth functionality to 100 follows and 100 unfollows per day.

We feel that this still gives legitimate, well-intentioned entrepreneurs and businesses the possibility to find relevant accounts to follow while disarming any spammers.


Daily Posting Safeguards

Most people post to Twitter once or twice per day.

Even though we feel that Twitter's real-time nature does lend itself to a higher posting intensity than the other social networks, you should also not overdo it.

So we're limiting the number of daily scheduled times to 100 for each profile. About one post every 15 minutes, which under regular posting conditions, is not a limit that anybody should hit.


What's next?

As always, we keep working to improve our tools 🔗 and our services 🔗 to help you get more leads with less effort.

We thank you for being with us on this amazing journey. 🙏

Keep buzzing! 🐝