Post Variations & A New Post Editor

The content is at the heart of social media. 💛

So we redesigned the post editor to give you more features, more possibilities, and more space to create your stunning content.

Also - you can now create multiple variations for the same post! 👯‍♀️

So when sharing a specific post multiple times (eg a new blog post or offer) you can vary it totally (text, images, links, etc) so that each time that post is shared, the next variation of the post is used.

1.9.1 Post Editor Edit.png

You’ll be able to repost your content while also keeping it fresh & exciting. 😎

With the new post editor you can:

  • Create post variations
  • Edit in full screen so you have more space to be creative
  • See the post preview for each network in real-time
  • Select if you want to add the post to the top or the bottom of the queue
  • Add the post as not-approved from the get-go, if you want

Plus some other cool features are coming soon to the post editor:

  • Setting the post (rather than the category) as share once vs evergreen re-post
  • An emoji keyboard directly in the editor
  • And more ;-)