The SocialBee App has got a new look! ✨

These times have changed us all. So it shouldn't be a surprise that changes have come to SocialBee as well. The SocialBee app got revamped with a new UI!

Here at SocialBee, we're striving to make our tool easy to use, intuitive and fun. That wasn't always the case with our older interface, so we decided to up our game and release a new User Interface that is super fresh and easy to use.

New ui on laptop.png

You'll see that it is now a lot easier to find and manage your profiles, workspaces became more visible and everything got a much-needed refresh.

As this is quite a big change, please contact our support team if you notice anything that isn't working as it should. You can do that via email at or via the chat in our app.

Let's hope you're just as excited about this new design as we are 🐝


P.S. Please bear with us (🐻) as we update the help documentation to match up with the new design.