Twitter rule changes for multiple accounts

“Thanks” to the recent Twitter rule changes, you won’t be able to select more than one Twitter account when creating your posts, adding RSS or Pocket configs, doing Imports and so on 😞

You WILL still be able to manage multiple Twitter accounts, but you'll need to add the Twitter content one at a time 😃

Twitter's goal with these changes is to stop the posting of duplicate content from multiple accounts 👌

Similar changes will be implemented by ALL social media management platforms (if they want to be compliant with Twitter's new ToS) 🔨

Even though this might cause some minor inconveniences at first, we welcome Twitter's recent changes which are meant to bring the platform to its former glory and we feel that on the long run these changes will benefit everyone involved 😎

You can read all about these Twitter rule changes and how it will affect your account here 👉